Blueberry Hill Campground




The purpose of this document is to help our campers understand the requirement to maintain a safe zone around their fireplaces.


The Requirement

Every fireplace in the campground is required to have the 6 foot zone surrounding their fireplace clear of anything that could catch fire or even explode.


Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day

The entire 6’ area surrounding the fireplace, measured from the outer edge of the fireplace, must be clear of all wood, grass and weeds, sticks, pine needles, gas grills and gas tanks, and anything else that would be a danger to have near an open flame. This includes any area in the zone that goes up a banking, has bushes hanging into the zone and any area that may drop off below a wall next to the fireplace.


Labor Day to Memorial Day Weekend

This same 6’ area must be clear of EVERYTHING!!! There is a reason for this! Since this area must be raked of all the things that may have fallen over the winter, it is imperative the people doing the raking do not have to move piles of wood, gas grills, piles of metal or ANYTHING ELSE!


Camper’s Responsibility

It is the camper’s responsibility to keep this area fire-safe during the camping season. It is also the camper’s responsibility to keep this area free of obstacles in the off-season that prevent Start of Season raking and cleanup.


If items are found to be in the way of Spring raking and cleanup, the offending camper will be contacted to come down and move said items.  Even if it is as simple as a gas can, or a 2×4, in an effort to train folks out of the bad habit of ignoring this rule, the camper will be contacted to de-clutter this zone that surrounds the fireplace. Continued failure to comply with keeping this zone clear will result in additional fees to the offending camper. Said fees will be to cover what should be unnecessary labor and efforts on the part of the cleanup crew.


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